Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A new year

2016 has officially begun and I am ready to go back to 2015! I bet you are wondering why... I was sick the 1st, 2nd and most of the day on the 3rd. The 4th day (Monday) I came home from work and my fiance was gone. Some of his things were gone with him but the worst part is that he was gone. I feel to the floor and cried so hard because my heart was broken into a billion pieces. I tried desperately to call and text him to no avail. I cried and cried! I cried buckets full! Life just so sucks so hard sometimes and I hate those sucky days. We didn't get along very well on the days that I was sick. I slept A LOT! I hated leaving him so alone and me sleeping my life away or so it seemed. I hated not being with him and doing the things that we usually do. I hated not being able to sit with him and just feel his warmth. I hate me most of all...that I wasn't nice to him! If I live for a thousand more years, I could never tell him that I am sorry enough! I could never tell you, Terry, that I love you enough!